Apply now: Tandem Ukraine

Open to applicants based in Ukraine, all 28 EU member states, Belarus, Moldova and the Russian Federation.

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Tandem is an international collaboration programme for cultural makers and their organisations. The programme supports the development of partnerships that address current social challenges and opportunities. Since its inception in 2011, Tandem has supported long-term collaborations, knowledge development and networking opportunities for more than 250 cultural managers from over 100 cities in 35 countries across the wider Europe. There are currently five Tandem editions which focus on different regions and topics.

“Strengthening cross-border collaboration is the best way to answer the crisis in Ukraine”
Tandem Ukraine participant at the final meeting in Uzhorod (Oct. 2015)

Tandem Ukraine is designed around the core belief that the burning cultural and social questions of our times can be addressed creatively and effectively through inspiring learning experiences while working with new organisations and across new localities. Our vision is to see strong networks of creative communities and cultural change makers emerge from this programme and to support the impact they make.

Tandem Ukraine offers a platform for collaborations between cultural actors to strengthen their capacities in community development and conflict resolution through the arts and culture on local and international level.

Who is it for?

Tandem Ukraine 2016-17 helps establishing long lasting collaborations between cultural managers and their organisations from Ukraine on the one side, and from EU member states, the Russian Federation, Moldova and Belarus on the other. 

The programme invites people that work in organisations and initiatives that bring about positive change in and with their communities. These cultural managers are motivated to explore unconventional ways of working with and through arts and culture, putting their cross-disciplinary experience to the test. Tandem is looking for socially committed, empathic, highly motivated, dynamic, open-minded personalities, ready to experiment with new social designs and extend their cultural work to new topics and disciplines.  The programme addresses cultural managers both at the beginning of their career, as well as experienced professionals.

Criteria for the applying organisations: 

  • be based in Ukraine, in one of the 28 EU member states, Belarus, Moldova, or the Russian Federation
  • be an independent cultural NGO, a non-hierarchical and open-minded public institution or a civil society initiative which is well rooted in a local community and has an established professional network
  • have the (organisational and financial) capacity, ambition and experience to engage in a one and a half year intensive international programme
  • commit to providing sufficient working time of one cultural manager (ca. 12-15 weeks throughout 1,5 year programme)

Applicants need to have a good command of English language in order to follow the programme sessions.

What does Tandem Ukraine offer? 

The cultural managers selected to be part of the Tandem Ukraine 2016-17 programme will be engaged in an intensive one and a half year transnational collaboration process, which include:

  • 12-day working placement at the Tandem partner organisation
  • 4 international meetings with moderated peer to peer learning sessions and input by experienced trainers
  • start-up funding of EUR 5,000 for a Tandem pilot project
  • becoming part of the Tandem network of more than 250 cultural managers coming from ca. 35 countries in wider Europe

Through Tandem, participating organisations can confidently find their way to and into a complex international scene. Merging professional skills of the Tandem partners in a joint transnational project yields new insights and practical approaches. 


“The experience of the whole Tandem programme as a learning approach is different to training programmes we experienced before: the structure and spirit of the meetings, how it connects people, etc. ”
Tandem Ukraine participant at the final meeting in Uzhorod (Oct. 2015)

How does Tandem work?

Tandem Ukraine programme activities include:

  • 5-day Partner Forum in Kyiv (20-24 April 2016)
  • 5-day Kick-Off Meeting in Germany (June 2016)
  • mutual 12-day working visits at the Tandem partner organisations (June 2016 - September 2017)
  • 4-day Interim Meeting (November 2016)
  • 4-day Final Meeting & Tandem presentations in Ukraine (September 2017)

Partner Forum

In case of being successful with your application to this Call, Tandem Ukraine will invite you to attend a Partner Forum that takes place from 20-24 April, 2016, in Kyiv (Ukraine). During the Forum, all pre-selected Tandem candidates will be offered a group programme that allows them to get to know and find a matching partner organisation. After identifying their potential partner, the new Tandem pairs are invited to submit a plan for their mutual placements and their joint artistic or cultural community pilot project. This collaboration proposal includes a project concept for the collaboration ‘prototype’ they intend to realise during Tandem, a time plan and a budget.

Not all of the Tandem candidates will remain in the programme after the Partner Forum, only the 12 best Tandems (12 cultural managers from the Ukraine and their 12 counterparts from the EU countries, the Russian Federation, Moldova, Belarus) will continue to the main phase of the Tandem programme. 

Main phase of the Tandem programme

Selected Tandem participants are invited for the Kick-off Meeting. Here we offer workshops that help you prepare for the upcoming placements to your Tandem partner organisation. Together with the group, you will also discuss selected topics in community development and conflict resolution through the arts and culture. The Kick-off Meeting also serves for arranging all organisational details.

Half way the programme there is an Interim Meeting. Besides sharing experiences from the placements, the main topic is to set a common working agenda for the final meeting and presentation. Workshops will focus on the past working visits to the partner organisation and will follow-up on the training topics from the Kick-off Meeting.

In the Final Meeting in Ukraine, cultural managers present their collaborations, share experience and evaluate the overall Tandem programme experience. This meeting also offers the opportunity to connect to the growing Tandem network.


The placements are a key element in the programme. You will receive a grant to spend a 12-day working visit at your partner organisation. During the visit you become directly involved with the community and the activities of your partner organisation. Together you will spend time on developing your pilot project but you’re also introduced to the organisation, local team and the immediate working environment (other partner organisations, local cultural scene, etc.). You will get the unique opportunity to present your organisation, communities and artists to your hosting organisation and community. And of course, your Tandem partner will also come to stay with you for 12 days.

Pilot project 

During the placements and throughout the whole programme period you will have time to co-create your Tandem pilot project. The exact format of these projects will be defined by your own collaboration and should be an experimental / prototype / incubator project. You will receive a modest project budget (up to 5,000 Euro). You can use this ‘start-up capital’ to fundraise for additional production budget.

How to apply

Deadline for application to the Tandem Partner Forum is 18 March 2016 (23:59 CET). 

Online application form is available here: link

For further information about Tandem, please visit the Tandem website and our social media channels: 

You can also download the FAQ here: link

And this call as a pdf: link


Based on the quality of the application, relevant skills, experience and matching potential, a balanced mix of 40 participants (up to 20 participants from Ukraine and 20 participants from EU/Russia/Belarus/Moldova) will be invited to the Partner Forum from 20-24 April 2016, in Kyiv. All applicants will be informed about their selection approximately 2 weeks after this call’s deadline.

Contact in Berlin 

Olha Kotska
Project manager, MitOst e.V.
kotska (at)
Tel: +49 (0)30 31 51 74 88

TANDEM – Cultural Managers Exchange Ukraine is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst (Berlin). Programme is implemented by MitOst and Insha Osvita (Kyiv), supported by the Federal Foreign Office (Berlin) in the framework of “Dialogue for Change”.