Tandem Shaml 2015-16

In summer of 2015, the third round of Tandem Shaml  programme for cultural exchange between Europe and the Arab-Mediterranean region started in partnership with Culture Resource (Beirut). Tandem Shaml offers nine cultural organisations based in Germany and other European countries a unique opportunity to establish long-term cooperation links with partner organisations from the Arab countries across the Mediterranean.

All 9 tandem collaborations

SAWP - “Culture Walks”

MOHAB SABER ElMadina for Performing and Digital Arts - Alexandria

FARAH MAKKI Urbego vzw - Antwerp

“Culture walks” is the first step in a strategy called SAWP (Spaces for arts, welfare and progress). Based on in-situ participative workshop model, SAWP works on exploring new venues in the Alexandrian neighborhood, Karmouz, to promote them as spaces for arts and culture. The aim is to support creative economies of culture, which can assist sustainable development and raise citizens’ awareness on how to use local resources for start-up social enterprises and for social image enhancement. During the Tandem collaboration project, the objective is to map cultural potentials - popular stories and physical spaces - in order to draw a neighborhood “open-up” strategy, and promote a new image of Karmouz by proposing “Culture walks” itineraries that will be assembled in a booklet.

1/2 الدنيا

REEM KASSEM AGORA for Arts and Culture - Alexandria

Experimenting with the artistic intervention format, to collect different perspectives from the Swedish and Egyptian society about gender equality and/or discrimination, and from the cross-fertilization of perspectives, inspire an interactive artistic performance at different work contexts; the short-term goal is to raise awareness and positive initiatives about gender issues in the specific work places or social sectors taking part, and the long-term goal is to create an international event/brand supporting gender equality that can be replicated.



Intercultural theatre training and collaborative production project

ABDELSAMEE ABDALLAH Sailors For Arts - Alexandria

TOM FINLAY Terra Nova Productions - Belfast

The project will result in a joint theatre production between Terra Nova Productions and Sailors For Arts in Summer 2017 exploring the issues around immigration and refugees. The initial Tandem phase will involve two week-long intensive training workshops for emerging actors one in Belfast and one in Alexandria. These will cumulate in 'work in progress' presentations that will showcase actors skills alongside enabling exploration and debate on issues around immigration and refugees.



Alternative storytelling

SARAH BAHGAT  Townhouse Gallery - Cairo
International Summer School of Photography (ISSP) - Riga

Alternative Storytelling deals with the artistic usage of archives in photography. This is a residency programme for Egyptian and Latvian photographers, in which one artist from each country will have the opportunity to go to the partner country, and begin working on his/her project which will include the usage of local archives. In this case the term 'archive' is understood in its broadest sense as a collection of past objects, where the artists will be free to use everything from museum collections to family albums in order to create work that allows them to explore and learn more about the history of the country he/she is residing in.

OXALA [Co-Design Spaces for Urban Interventions]

ABDEL RAHMAN ALZUBAIDI Me’maryoon for Development - Irbid
Pé de Pano – Cultural Projects - Castelo Branco

Two cities and their communities will connect each other to exchange challenges, knowledge, experience, social and cultural perspectives: a dialogue between people and spaces seeking the poetic (which is saying, the optimistic landscape) of this timeless relation.

Future Heritage

SALLY ABU BAKR Ramallah Municipality - Ramallah
Public Art Lab - Berlin

The collaborative project 'Future Heritage' wants to transform local heritage and knowledge for a sustainable, global society. We will highlight cultural heritage in Palestine, which is disappearing and reproduce it in new forms and techniques to develop and promote it locally and internationally.
‘Future Heritage’ is a cooperation project between Ramallah Municipality, Palestine and Public Art Lab, Berlin in the field of visual arts, handcrafts and technology. The local community (handicraftsmen and -women in the field of embroidery and pottery) will create together with artists, designers and technologists new objects and patterns, which will be enhanced through new technologies.

Shores - Stories from Accross the Sea

ASMA KAOUECH Fanni Raghman Anni - Tunis
FLORE THOREAU LA SALLE Africa e Mediterraneo - Sasso Marconi

"Shores - Stories from Across the Sea” is a cultural project aiming to raise awareness on migration among youth people in both sides of the Mediterranean through personal stories of migrants. It intends to explore the stories of migration between Tunisia and Italy through different artistic expressions including comics, street arts and photography. Tunisian and Italian artists will work together to give a picture of migration from a double perspective: the departure and the arrival countries, the two "shores" thus embracing both the beginning and the end of the migrating process. Artistic productions will be displayed on the “Shores” Tumblr profile and promoted on social media.

Young Citizen Journalists Report on Mediterranean Climate Change

INES TOUIR Association for development and alternative medias (ADAM) - Beni khalled
CATHERINE SABRY Bokra Sawa - Marseille

Young Citizen Journalists Report on Mediterranean Climate Change.
Climate change is a fluid situation that will increasingly demand greater responsiveness and communication between communities that are experiencing different effects from the same phenomenon. 
Both ADAM and Bokra Sawa work with youth populations to raise awareness about the local and regional issues that affect their communities. They use the creative tools of non-formal education—which include elements of art, culture and science—to offer new ways for Mediterranean youth to think about the world they live in.

THE FLOOD: Gilgamesh and the quest of immortality

JUNAID SARIEDDEEN Zoukak Theatre Company and Cultural Association - Beirut
 Center for Cultural Decontamination - Belgrade

From the two shores of the Mediterranean, Zoukak theatre company ad cultural association (Beirut) and Center for cultural decontamination CZKD (Belgrade) collaborates by sharing their experiences and knowledge in working within sociopolitical contexts in the field of art and culture. The project includes researches, encounters, roundtables, field visits, presentations, capacity building trainings, and workshop with immigrants leading to a theatre performance. The project is focused on the contemporary global crisis in international political and cultural approaches, dealing with the immigration crisis today as a representative mean. The project is guided by the epic of Gilgamesh, where the journey of Gilgamesh and the contemporary immigrants correlates: a quest for the immortal life/a quest for a life of dignity, crossing the river of death/crossing the sea of death.

Tandem Shaml – Cultural Managers Exchange Europe – Arab Region is an initiative which was developed by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam) and MitOst (Berlin) in collaboration with Culture Resource (Arab Region). The programme is supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung (Stuttgart), Stichting DOEN (Amsterdam), British Council (MENA Region) and Mimeta (Norway)



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