Tandem Europe 2015-17

After the Partnership Forum  in Milan in  October 2015, 15 Tandems will continue to be part of Tandem Europe. Over the course of one year they will collaborate in realization of following projects:

All 15 tandem collaborations

Let’s Culture Together

Pierluigi Vaccaneo Associazione Culturale Twitteratura - Milan

Cristiana Olteanu Biblioteca Judeteana Antim Ivireanul Valcea  - Ramnicu Valcea     

“Let’s culture together” is prototyping a method of combining arts, literature and technology by exploring the meanings of materials and ideas of books in order to create new symbols for knowledge. Through creative process, we turn books into masterpieces: sculptures, graphic works, and bring the author's vision in modern times.

Collaboration instead of Competition: hostwriter + oikomedia

Tabea Grzeszyk  hostwriter - Hamburg
Elina Makri oikomedia - Athens

Cuts to budgets across all media outlets make journalist’s lives worldwide more difficult. This is happening at a time when cross-border reporting in the EU is vitally important. In the strong belief that collaborative journalism creates better stories, the non-profit platforms hostwriter and oikomedia join forces: collaboration instead of competition. 

Light path  

Joris Iaccarino Bepart - Milan

Bepart and IN PLACE want to be actors in urban regeneration, involving the community in the decision-making process and facilitating communication between the city and the citizens.
We want to propose workshops with artists, creating contamination, internationalization and new models of urban regeneration bottom up, by and for the community.

ShipShape Our Future

Kate Strudwick  Head4Arts - Llanhilleth, Blaenau Gwent 
Gabriele Sutera Hawila Project - Copenhagen

The (Ice and Coal Ships) Project brings together a Danish eco-ship (Hawila Project) and a Welsh community arts organisation (Head4Arts) in developing a “toolkit” providing a multi-arts participatory experience for young people as a context for exploring the impact of industrialisation, prompting debate about environmental issues and inspiring positive action.

Taking Our Place/Making Our Place

Vicky Holliday Creative Sene  - Dewsbury
Fanni Nánay Artopolis Association - Budapest

Our project seeks to develop a positive identity of place by involving local people and cross sector partners in the colaborative commissioning of culture in their area. Across two countries we will find the universal tools to build a new, more sustainable model for building art projects with communities.

pa.pa.pa! heritage for social innovation  

João Pedro Rosa 4iS - plataforma para a inovação social  - Aveiro
Maria Chiara Ciaccheri  ABCittà - Milan

pa.pa.pa! heritage for social innovation project, aims to enhance the relation between communities, heritage and social innovation. Testing different participatory methods of identities of social objects and the value of different cultures. pa.pa.pa! will built a social and cultural intervention model alongside with an international movement of knowledge and practices.

OpenGround - A professionalization model for artists and curators

Cristina Perillo Fondazione lettera27 Onlus - Milan
Myrto Katsimicha  State of Concept  - Athens

lettera27 and StateofConcept co-create a training model for professional development of emerging artists and curators. The model includes on- and off-line tools co-designed by the target groups.
25 participants receive training and give feedback to fine-tune online guidelines, which permit other art centres to replicate the model.

PlayGround: a DIT-theatre Toolkit 

Lydia Ashman  Bow Arts  - London
Breg Horemans TAAT - Maastricht

PlayGround is a DIT-theatre toolkit and workshop that provides an engaging space for dialogue and exchange. Members of an organisation or community come together in PlayGround to explore what direct-democracy and leadership means to them, and what matters to them as a group.


Maja Pegan House! (Hiša!) society for people and places - Maribor
Trevelyan Wright
B Arts Ltd. - Stoke on Trent

We aim to develop a hyper-local model of cultural organisations and cross-sector collaborators working to improve One Street in Stoke-on-Trent and one in Maribor. We will work with residents, cross-sector partners and artists to improve the communities and environments in these streets.

What is Home? Collecting and sharing expressions of identity

Sophia Handaka Benaki Museum - Athens
Cristina Cazzola Segni d'infanzia - Mantova

“What is Home?” is an engagement process focused on youth, aiming to provoke expressions of identity through art & culture, using cultural entities as mediators. Through a simple-yet-loaded question, it engages generation-Z in intercultural dialogue on identity, stimulating positive thinking on diversity and cultivating empathy on current migration challenges.

Virtual Reality and open data: to Share Cultural Heritage

Lex Slaghuis  open state foundation - Amsterdam
Sara Gonizzi VIRTUTIM s.r.l.s. - Rome

Imagine moving around with Virtual Reality in ancient places. Getting a better image of history, while learning more about archeology. A lot of archaeological data is stuck in public institutions. We open up archeological data globally, and provide an immersive experience that shows open archeological data can be a reality.

The Honorary Hotel – a mobile toolkit for newcomers

Ariane Jedlitschka Helden wider Willen e.V. - Leipzig

Inga Gerner Nielsen KINSKI - Tolne Avantgarde Cinema & Performance Art - Sindal

Through our tandem we will be able to implement different concrete projects, in our very different houses. Through out our practical work together, we will be developing the so-called HONORARY TOOLKIT, made to involve our different communities and their newcomers in concrete cultural and social activities together.

Eleusis Box

Angeliki Lampiri Motus Terrae - Athens
Catherine Lenoble
 Dcalk - Paris

EleusisBox: a prototype of an open source and multilingual game tool kit, co-designed by citizens, to discuss, archive & share stories on public space.

The Placeholder - Process of Spatial Occupation by Cultural Actors

Mirja Koponen The Forest SCIO/Forest Centre Plus  - Edinburgh
Zala Velkavrh
prostoRož  - Ljubljana

The Placeholder explores the position of cultural actors in urban space by exchanging the knowledge on experimentation, initiation, maintenance and management of spaces for culture and arts. Our joint mission; to find an innovative thinking tool that enables the departure of a cultural actor to a new location.

Hotel Transit: Homes on the move   

Yanina Tanaeva Ideas Factory Association - Sofia
Matina Magkou & Eirini Iliopoulou
Ohi Pezoume NPO - UrbanDig Project - Palaio Faliro, Athens

Hotel Transit creates a new open-source model building on the resilience of urban communities on the move, while serving as powerful tool to influence advocacy by“humanizing” and “empathizing” policies and decision-making processes directed at migrants and people in transit. It suggests new ways of experiencing human-centered data.


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