Tandem C&P 2016-2017

Tandem –Community & Participation allows organisations to explore new trends in the community arts field internationally and enables them to freely develop a collaboration idea of their own choice. In response to developments across Europe, group learning sessions throughout the upcoming Tandem round will also specifically address new social challenges of our intercultural cities. Participants will get an opportunity to reflect what their new Tandem collaboration ideas could contribute to complex urban environments. They will discuss how their Tandem pilot projects could thematically relate to local community issues around migration, cultural diversity, integration and social cohesion.

Food Labs

Liesbeth EshuisSKVR (Rotterdam)

Katja ScheerStiftung Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg (Hamburg)

10 Food-Tandems, two cities: A young refugee and an adult from our neighbourhood share a recipe. In preparation of the dinner, the adult will introduce the young refugee to the neighbourhood: foodshops, etc. This will all be documented in a European-Recipe-Blog. Co-organized by several instutions, people of our neighbourhoods.

Vrolijkheid CAN Co-Create

Sara DomvilleCommunity Arts North West (CAN) (Manchester)

Tom Saal Stichting de Vrolijkheid (Amsterdam)

Our collaboration will explore co-creation within the arts in an inter-cultural setting with people with a refugee background. The result of our inquiry will be a short film that we can use as new training material within both organisations and to inspire other European organisations that work in similar ways.

New ways of working with partners and target groups

Joy ThorpeGallery Oldham (Greater Manchester)

Marlies JuffermansSMAAK (Amersfoort)

Gallery Oldham and SMAAK will work together finding new ways of making relationships. Gallery Oldham will focus on learning to work with seniors, SMAAK wants to learn how to build up relationship with large art-institutions.

You're just a tool, embrace it?

Susanne Reifenrath Dachverband freie darstellende Künste Hamburg e.V. (Hamburg)

Jonmar van VlijmenOffice O.N.E. - Office for New Europeanism (Amsterdam)

We want to explore the question to what extent art is a tool for social engineering and what that means in a practical and ethical sense. We will conduct this research by visiting each others communities interviewing artists there, applying each others methods and reflect upon their use.

The Human Pinata or A vocabulary for change

Rachel BriscoefanSHEN (London)

Nika DingsSoAP (Maastricht) 

The discourse around participatory practice often takes for granted the idea that art should help ‘fix’ an identifiable social ‘ill’. We find this problematic and ask: How do artists articulate intents—other than amelioration—in their participatory practice, and what implications do these intents have for the relationship between artist and public?

Eva van NettenWelcome To The Village (Leeuwarden)

Pim Rose – Restart vzw (Elsene) 

Restart vzw and Welcome to the Village will set up artists in residencies in both cities, between different art disciplines. The aim is to vague borders between artdisciplines and between art and the community it takes place in. It's about activation and participation.

Place to Place

Adrian Sinclair Chapel FM/Heads Together Productions (Leeds)

Leendert van VeldhuizenZIMIHC (Utrecht)

To learn about the relationship between an arts building and its local community through the eyes of strangers. A partnership and creative exchange project between Seacroft in Leeds and Zuilen in Utrecht.