TANDEM Community & Participation 2013-14

TANDEM Community & Participation started as a pilot programme in 2013, supporting 10 cultural organisations to develop a tailor-made skill-set to deal with the challenges in their rapidly changing context and connect to European communities of practice. The intensive one-year programme included work placements, a collaborative pilot project, peer-to-peer workshops, expert impulses, study visits and networking.

The 4 Tandems from the first edition represented a diverse group of cultural participation projects: from a youth theatre exchange to community engagement through sharing local heritage stories, and from new participatory techniques in pop culture to reinventing traditional village festivities.


Guido Bosua | De VAK | Delft (NL)
Annelies Tytgat | Jeugdtheaterhuis Larf! | Gent (B)
Becky Martin | The Lyric Hammersmith | London (UK)

Right Here is about connecting young people and artists from three different countries to explore how they make theatre. After learning from the different methods and practices during the ‘home’ projects in all 3 locations, the makers are working towards a collaborative project with a presentation and discussion on their experiences on 31st October, 2014, in Antwerp. Through their project, this Tandem trio has developed a view on how youth theatre could and perhaps should develop in the future, connecting makers, practices and young people across Europe.

October 31, 2014: Right Here premiere @ Het Paleis, Antwerp




Sandra Hall | Friction Arts | Birmingham (UK)
Sjoerd Bootsma | Podium Asteriks | Leeuwarden (NL)

Old punk meets new punk: through several residencies, Friction Arts and Podium Asteriks exchanged participatory techniques that are applicable in their work and communities. With an eye to ‘Mienskip’ or ‘sense of community’ – the theme of Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture 2018 - Friction Arts focused on engaging colourful neighbourhoods in the so-far relatively white ‘Welcome to the Village’ festival (18-20 July 2014). In Birmingham, Podium Asteriks‘ presence has catalysed many new connections to previously difficult-to-get-to stakeholders.




Sally Lockey | Flo-culture | Gateshead (UK)
Lisa Joosten | Kunstbedrijf Arnhem (NL)
Janine Weidanz | .lkj) Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. | Magdeburg (D) 

Memory Box Tandem aims to strengthen community cohesion by collecting and sharing people’s personal memories from the city or the neighbourhood they live in. Working from the template that Flo-culture has developed, (digital) stories have been gathered through local storytelling workshops with older, socially isolated participants living in Newcastle, young migrants in Magdeburg and individuals living within a suburb of Arnhem. The Memory Box Tandem stories are available through an online app (memoryboxstories.com) and in beautiful wooden boxes at local community centres.




Maaike Poppegaai | NoorderparKKamer | Amsterdam (NL)
Peter Bosmans | Cultureel Centrum Leopoldsburg (B)

Both Amsterdam-Noord and Leopoldsburg are coping with the breakdown of the industrial past, now looking for new values of what‘s keeping the communities together. Core of the project is a skill-set swap between community artists on both sides: from theatre for and by people with learning disabilities to crafts markets and art installations, but, most of all, using dance to interconnect the different groups in each community. The groups have met during their respective neighbourhood festivals for a real life exchange and created mini-Tandems, further developing the idea of twinning.


MitOst e.V.
Sophia Meyer-Landrut
Programme Officer
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